Thursday, May 30, 2013


Thomas and I went to the Renaissance Festival here in Tennessee. And oh my gosh, how fun?!! This was my first Renaissance Festival and it did not disappoint. I've been yelling HUZZAH!! all week. We got their early-- crazy early, we had to wait 30mins before they even opened the gates, but I tell you what-- that's the way to do it because by noon, the place was a madhouse!

The boys got to brush up on their archery skills

While Lara and I requested a picture with a giant unicorn painting. :)

Untitled   Untitled

The joust was easily the coolest part of the entire day, but the bird show that followed was also up there on my list of favorites.

During the show one of the hawks landed right on the bench in front of us! It was crazy cool. Although  I was slightly petrified that it was going to actually land on us as it was flying in..


Until next year Renaissance Festival.. we'll see you then! 

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