Sunday, October 28, 2012


October is such a fun month! I love the fall so much and I feel like it's one of those seasons that goes by sooo fast. This weekend Thomas and I went to our friends house for a costume party and it was so much fun!

Thomas made a killer Bob Ross and I dressed up as Carmen Sandiego.. I love those costumes that turn out so well and are real clothes instead of a full on costume. And I'm not going to lie Thomas rocked the fro pretty well.. a few people at the party actually thought that was his real hair, ha!

I made cupcakes that I had seen a link to on pinterest a while back.. mine didn't turn out quite like theirs, but I knew going into it that I would have a hard time getting that halloween orange color since I failed to find a premix orange frosting at Kroger.

all in all it was a fun night! Filled with a bonfire and of course lots of sweets.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I really wanted to come up with a clever and cute way of asking my bridesmaids to be in our wedding. The last thing I wanted was a "oh hey.. want to be in our wedding?" This is an important day for us and it should be just as important for the people we've asked to stand up their with us! So thanks to Pinterest's plethora of knowledge I found the cute idea of using a ring pop and I spring boarded from there.
It's actually funny because Thomas and I had our wedding party picked out during those three days it took me to come around and say yes. [Note to self.. if you find yourself talking about future wedding plans and he's already proposed to you.. why the heck are you not wearing the ring?!!]

Yellow and gray were claimed early on (and approved by Thomas) for our wedding colors. So I of course had to incorporate that into these boxes. Each box had a ring pop and a note POPPING the question for them to be in our wedding.

I love them. 
Oh! And I also gave everyone three days to decide. ;) 
It's only fair, right? 

This project was super easy and right up my ally. I found this tutorial for making those cute cute cute felt roses and was so happy that they turned out so well! I'm always afraid that projects that look super simple and easy end up looking like crap. And (thankfully) for these roses that wasn't the case at all.

Lauren was the only one who I wasn't able to give her box in person.. stupid California stealing her away from me. And since Scott is "technically" my bridesmaid he was the only dude to get a bridesmaid box.

I think he liked it ;) 

And I knowwww she liked her's! 

(Goodness.. these summery pictures feel out of place with my previous fall post.. whoops!)

I really love that we each have four people near and dear to our hearts, but that they're not split straight down the middle (in the sense that he has all the boys and I have all the girls). How could I not have his sisters in our wedding, just as he wanted Cullen up their with him and his brother? :)
So exciting! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Our drive back to Ohio this past weekend was beautiful!! I love fall and this weekend was one of those picture perfect crisp fall weekends. 

happy october!