Friday, May 24, 2013


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Just down the road one of the farms has opened up their strawberry fields for the public to pick and enjoy. And I tell you what, they were the sweetest people! I was so happy to support them, not only was it tons of fun, but it felt good doing it!
Fresh sweet in season strawberries are the best! I had grand plans for my strawberries, I wanted to can or make freezer jam! But alas, no. We ate these babies so fast is wasn't even funny. My morning yogurt this week was awesome and is there honestly anything better than ending a evening with real whipped cream (yea I'm talking the real stuff) and fresh strawberries?
Nope, very few things can top that.

Jam you'll have to wait.. I guess I'll just have to go pick some more!

oh darn. ;)

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