Saturday, June 29, 2013

let's have some fun with sparklers!

You can shoot off fireworks in this state. I'm talking real fly up into the air and explode fireworks-- not the flashing smoke bombs. No need to worry about wildfires here in this muggy state.
It's no surprise to everyone who knows me even the slightest, that things that go boom in the sky, make me slightly nervous. Shocking-- I know.
After Paul and Lara's gender reveal party, Thomas and Paul walked up the street to the firework stand and brought back some fireworks that turned them both into giddy little kids.

Don't worry, I moved the candle.

Now sparklers? 

I can rock a sparkler. I mean how could you not love something that makes picture look sooooo cool. LIKE THIS?!!

I'm waring you now, I've over loaded this post with photos and these are just some of my favorites.. I've put all of them on my flikr account so you my brows them all if you so wish, here.

This was our first attempt at our sparker photo. Tri-pod set! Setting adjusted! Lara and I being crazy still for the 8 second exposure! Thomas and Paul running like crazy people behind us with sparklers anddddd...


However! With the though of turing on the light from the garage we were smarter and did a test picture and came out with this gem.

I totally feel like this is cut straight from some dream in an 80s movie.. I love it so much! 
He's mine.

Seriosuly how fun? We make our own neon 80s background 

we made hearts..

and an arrow.. 

then attempted a arrow piercing the heart.. 

Paul and Lara got their own sparkler photo!

We attempted writing our names.. backwards! 

and then we got crazy.. 

108 photos later we finally stopped.
But I so can't wait to do it again! 

Monday, June 24, 2013

it's a... ?!!

Our friends Paul and Lara found out they were having a little bundle of joy coming their way early November. And like every new parent who has a pinterest account, they threw a gender reveal party for their friends and family to tell them all at once what the sex of the baby was going to be. 

Tuon and Rogue (her boyfriend, of course) were dressed for the festivities as well. 

What's it going to be? A boy or a girl?!

I volunteered to take one thing off Lara's plate and I made the box to house the blue or pink balloons. The box was the easy part, but how I wanted to decorate it took some thought. Instead of just painting over the entire box to cover up the Home Depot logo (my original plan), Thomas had the brilliant idea to just break down the box so that all the home depot writing was on the inside and I had a blank canvas to work some magic. 

so smart. I think I'll keep him. 


At this point before it transformed back into a box again, I was beyond excited with how it turned out!

As for Paul and Lara opening it in front of their family.. it was adorable. 


And as prevalent by those pretty pink balloons, they're having a girl! It was a lot of fun! And although I stressed out a little bit about those silly pink balloons, I was so happy I volunteered to be in charge of the box.

Can't wait to meet this little lady come November! 

Thursday, June 6, 2013

and so it begins..

I'm making our wedding invitations. Yup, you heard me, the entire set. A part of me loves that I'm doing this, and then another part of me thinks I'm just plain crazy. I had a hard time finding invitations that I loved, well scratch that-- I had no problem at all finding wedding invites that I loved but ones within my budget? ahhh no such luck.
So my mama was the one to bring up the idea of actually designing and making our own. I'm not going to lie I was completely unsure of it but as soon as I started messing around with ideas on my computer it became prevalent that this was the route we were going to go. I'm so happy with them! They've currently lived on my computer the past few months, so starting to print them is super exciting. And I've only wanted to throw the printer across the room once!!
Hooray to that! 

I don't want to spill the bean just yet on everything I've worked on, but once we have them all stamped and mailed I think I'll write up a real post full of pictures of these babies. 
I'm quite proud of them. :) 

ahhhh!! only four months to go!! 

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I was feeling crafty..

Like I mentioned last week, work has kind of put us all in a funk. So I decided I needed something crafty. Thanks to a impromptu visit to Joann's Fabrics I left with some paint, paper (that literally made me drool), cardboard letters and modge podge.
On Pinterest there are so many cute ideas out there involving these cardboard letters and I knew it would be a perfect stress free craft.

See that pretty paper?! Doesn't it make you drool?! 

I don't know what I'm going to do with them but I love how they turned out! 

I was originally thinking I could use these somewhere in our wedding, but I also think they'd be insanely cute hung up on a wall with a bunch of picture frames. Who knows, but right now they make me very happy.