Monday, May 27, 2013

summmmer time!

Oh my goodness what a beautiful weekend to kick off summer! Thomas and I took Tuon up to the park for a long walk on Saturday, and we stumbled upon this great section off the path that was open to the river. Tuon pretends to be not much of a water dog, as prevalent by this lovely snapshot..

But deep down I know she could learn to love it. We just need the coaxing of other dogs with us to show her how fun it could be! 
(ah-hem, maverick?!!) 
.. we'll have to remember that next time! 

We of course ended our fun outing by officially calling it summer by picking up some sonic drinks!
Limeade for the win! 
Tuon got in on the action as well and enjoyed a refreshing ice water.. 


and then looked like this merely 2 mins after we pulled out of the parking lot at Sonic. 

love that pup. :)

Happpppy Summer!!! 

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