Friday, March 28, 2014

spring please?

I'm so ready. I want skirts and summer dresses! and sunshine! and warmth! I'm ready to complain about the southern humidity and the 90 degree heat!!
but no. I had a brief taste of 70 degrees and now we're back to forty degrees. It snowed  earlier this week. SNOWED! Nothing stuck of course, but flakes fell from the skies and shocked me and my entire office! 
Thankfully my mama is getting me ready for spring (you finished yours yet mama?).

Seriously! How cute?

My mama bought me this cute paper flower wreath kit from Paper-Source for my birthday and I'm so happy she did!! Although it took way longer than I expected, but it was fun to have a mindless craft for a Sunday afternoon. :) 

It helps that it turned out just. so. darn. cute! 
Here's hoping it will bring me more spring like weather!!  

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Earlier this month, the 3rd actually, we welcomed out sweet little nephew into the world!!

Sweet little Jacob was born in the MIDDLE of an ice storm causing all of us to get to him a little bit later than we all wanted.. okay it was only a day!! but it was the first time in my life where I was super frustrated and annoyed at the pretty snow.

But he's perfect and SO darn cute! We're so in love with this little guy and it safe to say we're not the only ones. :)

Just look at that cute family!!