Friday, August 22, 2014


Thomas and I flew out to my home state of Colorado during August. It was so much fun showing Thomas Colorado-- he loved it. I mean how can you not? It has perfect weather, NO BUGS and beautiful mountains!
We had such a great trip. We stayed with my Grandparents where I found out I come from a long line of night owls, and further confirmed my suspicion that I'm not (nor will I ever be) a morning person. 
While we were there we got to see so much of my family! It was perfect. Thomas and I also snuck away for a couple of days so that we could drive up to the mountains. I can't tell you the last time I was in the Rockies but we had such a blast. Even with the lack of oxygen! :) 

I had so much fun playing with my camera while we were there but I am seriously.. and I mean seriously disappointed at the lack of pictures I took of my family while we were all there. The balancing camera act is a hard one, my brain is constantly torn between, "CAPTURE EVERYTHING! Take all the pictures!!" to... "just live and be in the moment, don't worry about saving this moment to a picture." 
It's a constant struggle. 

Anyway.. here are some fun pictures from our trip out west! 

I'm so stinking proud of this picture!! We took this at 11pm!! It was pitch black dart 
but with a 20second exposure? Magic. 
Also we stood reallllllly still.  

My manly man carrying my turquoise backpack.

hi thomas!! 
He did beat me to the top.. 
(lack of oxygen is no joke)
Which made me sad since this is my home state, but apparently I've grown accustom to this thick heavy southern air.. boo.  
Let's just blame it on me wanting to take my time and take pictures instead? 

but I made it!!! And added my rock to the pile :) 

I'm so happy we got to take Thomas down to the Springs as well! Pep drove us around and gave us the grand tour of the area which included a drive through Garden of the Gods. 
He also drove us by the areas that were hit hard by the forest fires, and I was in disbelief at how much burned. It was insane. 

yeaa.. that would be rain. 

Our last night, my Uncle Steve treated us to some amazing seats at the Rockies game! 
It was a blast! And since this was Thomas' first professional baseball game, he's now spoiled and his standards are set pretty high for our next professional sport outing. ;) 

We had such a great trip. Although there was a little sassy fur ball we were both missing.. 

And clearly she missed us and was in need of some major love. 

yeaa... I live with that fur ball.