Thursday, August 29, 2013

surprise! you get a pedicure! oh yea and a bridal shower too!

I feel like my parents just luck out with fantastic neighbors. Thomas and I were planning on coming home to Ohio for a weekend to get some stuff in order for the wedding. I had a dress fitting on Saturday and I had scheduled about a million other things for Saturday too. Hair, Photographer, DJ, I was determined to check quite a bit off my list. When I informed my wonderful mama of the completely full Saturday she then told me, every so sweetly.. umm no.. cancel a lot of that please. 

I’m not going to lie. I was less than amused during that phone call. But with some talking and a bit of reassurance from my mama, I canceled some items and knew that something was happening from 12-3 that I was not suppose to know about. Here’s where the fantastic neighbors step in. They threw me a surprise bridal shower that started with a pedicure and ended with lunch and presents at Brios. So sweet and so unexpected! 

I'm just so happy I have these lovely ladies in my life. 

Friday, August 16, 2013

we can pickle that.

My friend Lara is a canner. A hardcore, let’s can everything kind of canner. And truth be told, I’m starting to get the canning bug.

We hit up the local farmers market with canning on the brain. Canning was on the brain, but I mean c’mon, how could I have passed up these beautiful flowers?!

So yea, they came home with us too. 

Lara makes these amazing pickled green beans, or as she calls them, dilly beans. And they are seriously out of this world. Those were my only request for our canning Saturday. 

We also accomplished blackberry peach jam and some yummy corn salsa. And shockingly EVERY thing we canned sealed!! Now I want to can everything not only do I need more dilly beans in my life, but tomatoes are on my list next! Perhaps once this wedding madness and work slows down a bit I’ll turn into a canning machine.

ummm and thanks again mama for all you hand me down canning goods! :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Ain't she a beauty?!I’m so in love with Penny, my beautiful kitchen aid mixer. She makes me so happy sitting on top of my kitchen counter all shiny and new.

Penny come Christmas you can I are going to bake up some beautiful things!