Monday, November 19, 2012

ready to be thankful

oh I'm getting excited for this week. family, food and festivities. 
I can't wait! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

fall, how I love you.

A couple weekends ago Thomas and I spent the weekend at his parents house out in the middle of nowhere tennessee. It's a strange thing not having cell phone service.. but also kind of nice. :) We had a good time, filled with some good home cooked meals and some manly entertainment which included shooting bow and arrows.. :) 

and yes, I did feel like Katniss, 
and yes I'm adding "shooting a bow and arrow" to my bucket list 
just so I can check it off... CHECK! 

Thomas' mama and I spent the afternoon, not shooting bows but instead by looking through catalogs and talking wedding stuff up on the porch.. and I snapped pictures. 

I should also mention that I can check off riding a three wheeler off my bucket list as well.. Thomas' brother and dad found it hysterical that they could hear me screaming from across the field the entire time.. 


Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Do you know what today is? Why it's Tuesday November 6, 2012.. ELECTION DAY!
And you should go VOTE!

I sure hope you did. :) 

Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween is so much fun, and I really miss living in an actual neighborhood with actual trick-or-treaters. Apparently it's a common rule that if you have small children and live in an apartment complex you must find friends who live in a neighborhood and trick-or-treat with them and their children. Not a single trick-or-treater last night.. but that didn't stop me from buying a GOOD bag (we're talking twix and resee's pumpkins-kind-of-good-bag) of candy for my hopefully trick-or-treaters.  Ahh tis a shame Thomas and I will have to consume the entire bag ourselves. so. sad. (and excuse me while I go find my running shoes.. )

Luckily I can still carve a pumpkin right?!

Well to be honest, I really do it for these bad boys..

Thomas on the other hand takes pumpkin carving seriously. As evident by this year.. and last year, there's thought and strategy involved and I love it. Even if he did make a mess of my kitchen.. ;)

But honestly just look at how simple minded (and overly happy) my pumpkin is in comparison... hence why mine is in the coveted first photo spot for this post.. I knew I'd be out shined! But again, I remind you.. I do this for the seeds. ;)

Seriously? If that's not proof of some killer pumpkin carving skills and patience, here's his pumpkin from last year..

Skills I tell you.