Thursday, January 26, 2012

hello sunshine!

Isn't pretty?! Too bad this gem was the perk of my day. I wish I could have snapped away with my real camera instead of this iPhone photo, but work dragged me away. You knows it bad when I'm counting how many hours I can sleep rather than how many hours I've been at work. It's been insane. Honestly, it feels like finals week in college, but I can't see the end in sight yet.
At least this sunrise was a cheerful start to my day!  :)

Monday, January 23, 2012


If blerg were an actual word it would describe my weekend perfectly, working 15 hours of overtime will do that to any sane person. I feel as if I'm suffering from jet lag. My concept of time is lost. Everything is in a blur, and the worst part? This evening watching TV I had that, loss of sleep panic jump that my favorite necklace had fallen off. I then realized my work tag was absent from my neck--my necklace, still on. Goodness Katelyn, calm down.

Is it really only Monday? geezs. 

Friday, January 20, 2012


why hello pretty new earrings. 
I've worn you three times this week, I think it's safe to say you've made it to the circle of favorites. 

love you andrea ;) 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

something old something new.

Back in December my boyfriend's sister got married. They planned a wedding in a whopping 6 weeks! Six! On our way there I was asked if I wouldn't mind taking some pictures for them. whhhhhat?!! I was so nervous! Yet I think being thrown into the chaos was the best thing, I focused in and snapped away. Plus I love taking pictures, so how could I not? I was planning in doing it anyway, but now I was official.

Those top two are by far my favorite of the hundreds I took. I want them side by side framed on a wall! And they just look so much classier in the black and white. I love them.

They had another friend taking pictures and they wanted someone as a back up, so that took off some pressure. But still being entrusted of capturing a moment like that? I didn't want to disappoint.

Thank you pinterest for some inspiration.

My only regret of the entire day is that I seriously wished I knew my camera inside and out. I'm still on such a learning curve with that bad boy that I caught myself wishing I had my trusty point and shoot.
Over all I was really happy and I was touched that Matt and Jenny trusted me in capturing their wedding :)


Congratulations again Matt and Jenny! :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

zap me back to december!

I'm craving some home life right about now. I'm blaming January. Poor January. It really gets snubbed, at least by me. I have a deep love for December. I love that it brings twinkling lights, hot chocolate, big blankets and family dinners. And now with a shinny new year the stores are chopped full of swimsuits and rain gear pushing in thoughts of joining a gym. 

January my feelings might change if you would just give me some snow! I'd like to see winter at some point this year..