Thursday, May 30, 2013


Thomas and I went to the Renaissance Festival here in Tennessee. And oh my gosh, how fun?!! This was my first Renaissance Festival and it did not disappoint. I've been yelling HUZZAH!! all week. We got their early-- crazy early, we had to wait 30mins before they even opened the gates, but I tell you what-- that's the way to do it because by noon, the place was a madhouse!

The boys got to brush up on their archery skills

While Lara and I requested a picture with a giant unicorn painting. :)

Untitled   Untitled

The joust was easily the coolest part of the entire day, but the bird show that followed was also up there on my list of favorites.

During the show one of the hawks landed right on the bench in front of us! It was crazy cool. Although  I was slightly petrified that it was going to actually land on us as it was flying in..


Until next year Renaissance Festival.. we'll see you then! 

Monday, May 27, 2013

summmmer time!

Oh my goodness what a beautiful weekend to kick off summer! Thomas and I took Tuon up to the park for a long walk on Saturday, and we stumbled upon this great section off the path that was open to the river. Tuon pretends to be not much of a water dog, as prevalent by this lovely snapshot..

But deep down I know she could learn to love it. We just need the coaxing of other dogs with us to show her how fun it could be! 
(ah-hem, maverick?!!) 
.. we'll have to remember that next time! 

We of course ended our fun outing by officially calling it summer by picking up some sonic drinks!
Limeade for the win! 
Tuon got in on the action as well and enjoyed a refreshing ice water.. 


and then looked like this merely 2 mins after we pulled out of the parking lot at Sonic. 

love that pup. :)

Happpppy Summer!!! 

Friday, May 24, 2013


 Untitled Untitled

Just down the road one of the farms has opened up their strawberry fields for the public to pick and enjoy. And I tell you what, they were the sweetest people! I was so happy to support them, not only was it tons of fun, but it felt good doing it!
Fresh sweet in season strawberries are the best! I had grand plans for my strawberries, I wanted to can or make freezer jam! But alas, no. We ate these babies so fast is wasn't even funny. My morning yogurt this week was awesome and is there honestly anything better than ending a evening with real whipped cream (yea I'm talking the real stuff) and fresh strawberries?
Nope, very few things can top that.

Jam you'll have to wait.. I guess I'll just have to go pick some more!

oh darn. ;)

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Life has been rough lately (so please excuse this flood of updated blog posts). Work recently shut down two entire offices and laid off easily half the employee's at my office. Needless to say, Thomas and I have been down in the dumps lately. It's weird being on this side of the lay-offs. I'm so grateful that both Thomas and I have our jobs-- truly lucky, but I had the hardest time shaking the guilt of having a paycheck while so many of my former employees are now on unemployment.
I needed to change my mindset I saw all my thoughts turning negative and slowly all the good parts of my day were being overshadowed. So I resorted to what I always resort to..


But this time I dragged Thomas with me, and since he loves me oh-so-much, he obliged. I simple started a gratitude journal. Honestly I can't express how good it feels to physically write down three things that make you happy during the day.

Can you tell Thomas was sick with a cold this day? ;)

One night I was just in a sour mood, and I simply didn't want to write three things out. I sat there looking at the blank pages, mad and then becoming more upset because I simply couldn't think of just three things I was grateful for. How vein and selfish was I? Just me, alone in my own pitty party with a blank sheet of paper annoying me. I couldn't even think of three things-- how pathetic-- the paper mocked me.
It was then that my mind just clicked. Yes my day was lousy, and yes, I was in a pretty bad mood. And sure, why not-- not a single thing made me smile today. But I could still find and see greater things that I would still be grateful for no matter how bad my day was. I have a roof over my head, and heater to keep me warm and air conditioner to keep me cool. I have the luxury of hot water and a shower, and a pantry of food.

And just like that I felt worlds better. My bad mood seems silly and minuscule.

Silly blank sheet of paper, why did I let you intimidate me?! 

Monday, May 20, 2013

thirty years.

I'm so happy and thankful to have parents who not only still love each other after thirty years but who are still married to one another. I'm truly thankful that they've made their marriage work and are so committed to one another. They've given me such a great example and I'm truly thankful that they've stuck together all these years.

awwww look how cute they are!! 

Happy Anniversary Mama and Dad! Thank you for creating such a great example of what a marriage should be.
I know you guys are living it up and having a blast in London thanks to your Instagram feed :)

man alive this might be one of my favorite pictures ever. 
love you both! 

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


May is a busy month! Not only is it my mama's month-- she claims the entire month since her birthday, mother's day and my parents anniversary are all within the month of May-- but Thomas also has a birthday in May. The first day of May and since it's on the 1st he feels that he's rightfully--well, first and can claim May as well. However, according to my mama Thomas' birthday is April 31st.. which will never be on the calendar.  Ha!

Deep down I know that their combination of sarcastic wit is going to explode the universe one day. Until then I'm going to continue to enjoy the humor they provide me. :)

Twenty nine. My man turned twenty nine this month. For his birthday we also celebrated the fish tank! shocker! I know. His birthday present consisted of some pretty plants for his underwater garden. Just look at them all, waiting to be arranged!

Since his birthday presents came a bit earlier than his actual birthday I did make sure to successfully embarrass him at work with a GIANT (and I'm talking giant) balloon.

It was fun until the car ride home, here's my headless driver:

We went out with some friends of ours for dinner to also celebrate another year older, but all in all it was a low key birthday for my man, but at times those are just fine.