Monday, July 7, 2014

our fourth.

We had sucha a great fourth filled with friends and family-- both mine and Thomas' family!
On the 3rd we went with our friends and their little one to watch some fireworks from afar. The little one was mesmerized by it all.

as was Thomas. ;) 

We were lucky enough to have my parent drive down for the weekend and then we all had a fun cookout at Thomas' grandparents house. Where Pa-Paw gave the city folk the grand tour of his "garden" (which is really a farm) and sent us all home with so many tomatoes! Seriously in his "garden" he planted 1500 tomato plants this year alone. Fifteen Hundred! Yes he sells them at the farmers market and I'm dying to drive up there one weekend and see him in action selling his tomatoes.


taking pictures in font of "chigger weed" as I was told.. ;) 
(I think they're too pretty to have such an awful name) 
While Thomas and my mama investigate other wildflowers.. or weeds. 
we'll go with wildflowers. 

 Told you. So many TOMATOES. 


and potatoes too! :) 


And the tour wasn't complete without a stroll through the orchard. 


Sadly they've been having issues with their apples for years, they've even had the University of Tennessee Agriculture Department up to investigate. Something is causing the apples to rot from the inside out-- some kind of fungus. It's so sad because this orchard is so pretty. 
And I want all the apples! 

However we wouldn't have had room for them in our trunk!