Monday, November 3, 2014

365 | Week 6

I've realized that I want to also start adding captions to my photos. So for this week (and the weeks to follow) that's what I'm going to do! I'm really loving the 365-- I've had some days where I feel like my photo is a total dud, but then I have days where I take a picture and I'm so in love with it and that completely makes up for the uninspired days. That's exactly what happened this week. Day 37 I really did care to take a picture and forced myself to shoot something and I'm not crazy with what I took-- but that's okay! I still took a picture!  And then two days later I took my favorite picture so far! I'm soooo in love with that shot and proud of it! I'm going to frame it. 

36 | 365
because it's october and you have to have a picture of a pumpkin! 

37 | 365
totally uninspired, but the rain today helped make an interesting photo.

38 | 365
this was from a photo session I did and it was too pretty and I was so happy with it that I had to include it in my 365 :) 

39 | 365
I really, reallllly love this one. 

40 | 365
a happy halloween indeed!! from this queen bee and her bee keeper! 

41 | 365
this guy. he has my heart. 

42 | 365
sometimes turning 1 can be very traumatic.. lucky we got some good ones too :) but this one still just cracks me up. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

365 | Week 5

I totally owe a blog post from this past weekend and I PROMISE I'll add one! I have so many pictures from our little college reunion in Athens and they need their own post. So in the time being  here is a belated week of pictures from my 365! I haven't missed a day yet and I'm quite proud of that!! One month down! :) 

29 | 365

30 | 365

31 | 365

32 | 365

33 | 365

34 | 365

35 | 365

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

365 | Week 4

I'm just about one month in!!! I didn't do a very good job this week photographing people.. but I'm super happy with what I did take. I'm already starting to get nervous of the lack of light I have once I get home from work.. I feel like I've done a good job so far getting some creative pictures (I have Thomas to thank for the candle picture-- that was all his idea) once the sun's gone, but the cold dark winter months are coming up soon!

22 | 365

23 | 365

24 | 365

25 | 365

26 | 365

27 | 365

28 | 365

Monday, October 13, 2014

365 | Week 3

15 | 365

 16 | 365

17 | 365

18 | 365

19 | 365

20 | 365

21 | 365

Sunday, October 12, 2014

one year.

We've been married for one full year! Three hundred and sixty five days. Or as my husband (of one year!!) would tell you, 1 trip around the sun together! :)
Did you know paper is the traditional first year wedding gift?! Weeks before our actual anniversary we were talking about trying to do a paper gift for one another, I was having next to no success (lotto tickets? I hit the jackpot marrying you?! ... too cheesy). However, Thomas had a great idea but needed help executing it. So that is exactly what we did on our anniversary.  :)

I love this-- SO much!! It turned out so well. :) 
I think my favorite part of it is that our poster of the sun is actually one of those motivational posters. We cracked up when we purchased the biggest SUCCESS motivational poster we could find so we could cut it down. It turned out so well and I'm so happy to have this fun piece of art to remember our one year anniversary.

Another tradition I wanted to start is that I want us to take a picture every year of us sitting on our living room couch. I think it will be so great to have these as little time capsules and memories of our years together. We started it this year and I so love this little tradition already!

It was a great day. 

Oh, and I got roses too :) 

Monday, October 6, 2014

365 | Week 2

This week really went by so fast. There was so much more that I wanted to accomplish during last week and for some reason other things filled my time. Our house is currently a disaster and we're so far behind on laundry that it's getting desperate. But for now the sink is empty and the dishes are clean.. so that's a start right? 

8 | 365

9 | 365
This day got two because I loved both of these pictures ;) 
It only took me 2 years to recreate this moment.. 

10  | 365

11 | 365

12 | 365

13 | 365

14  | 365

Monday, September 29, 2014

365 | Week 1

So far in my weekly photos I've lasted a week and I'm still going..
It was a good week. We drove up to see my folks this weekend and had such a great time with them. Since work has put us both on 32hr work weeks again it was nice to have that extra day to spend with them-- it still went by crazy fast but it was a lot of fun!

Here are my daily photos from this past week!

1 | 365

2 | 365

3 | 365

4 | 365

5 | 365

6 | 365

7 | 365