Wednesday, May 1, 2013


May is a busy month! Not only is it my mama's month-- she claims the entire month since her birthday, mother's day and my parents anniversary are all within the month of May-- but Thomas also has a birthday in May. The first day of May and since it's on the 1st he feels that he's rightfully--well, first and can claim May as well. However, according to my mama Thomas' birthday is April 31st.. which will never be on the calendar.  Ha!

Deep down I know that their combination of sarcastic wit is going to explode the universe one day. Until then I'm going to continue to enjoy the humor they provide me. :)

Twenty nine. My man turned twenty nine this month. For his birthday we also celebrated the fish tank! shocker! I know. His birthday present consisted of some pretty plants for his underwater garden. Just look at them all, waiting to be arranged!

Since his birthday presents came a bit earlier than his actual birthday I did make sure to successfully embarrass him at work with a GIANT (and I'm talking giant) balloon.

It was fun until the car ride home, here's my headless driver:

We went out with some friends of ours for dinner to also celebrate another year older, but all in all it was a low key birthday for my man, but at times those are just fine.

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