Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I've gone a little crazy.

So clearly I've gone a bit crazy.. but I'm admitting it so that's okay right? Two weeks after Christmas I found this craft on one of my favorite blogs, and I just had to do it! Plus it was January and I was a suffering from Christmas withdrawals so clearly making Christmas decorations for next year is what cures the Christmas blues.

But seriously how can you NOT love him? I'm already so excited to bring him out in 11 months!
Can't wait big guy. 
can't. wait.

The concept was simple. I gridded out the printed off image with one inch squares and then with a bit of math I figured out that each square on my 20x20 canvas was just about 3 inches. (Mama I've realized that I've completely lost you, which is why I'm currently making you yours right now! xo!)
Then it was just a process of drawing the same square on the printed off image, but bigger on the canvas.

I'm not going to lie, when I was done tracing it all out, I was a bit nervous-- it looked nothing like the cool pop art santa that I loved so much.. he looked deformed and weird and my confidence in this project was sinking fast.

Until I broke out the metallic sharpies and started coloring him in.

Here's the moment when it all started turing around and I started falling in love..

I'm seriously SO happy with how it turned out! 
I love him so much! 

ho. ho. HO! 

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