Thursday, November 21, 2013

this post isn't for you mama..

she hates bananas. I--lucky enough, didn't inherit that trait of hers.

So this happened..

Which only means one great and glorious thing!!! 
Banana bread!

Thank to this awesome recipe I found on Pinterest I had a feeling some amazing banana bread was in my near future. However this recipe kicked it up another wonderful notch by adding none other than..

miniature reeses.

If you haven't purchased these nuggets of pure heaven, don't do it. Thomas and I have no control when it comes to these. Peanut-butter m&m's are another weakness too.

... apparently we have a thing for peanut butter?!

This was so good. I could have easily eaten the entire loaf, but I knew better. The one thing that makes me feel better about baked goods like this is that Thomas and I can have our couple of slices and then I can bring it to work for them to devour it instead of me. :)

kinda like our cupcake craving

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  1. It Looks good!! But I can smell those banana's from here!

    Love you!