Wednesday, November 6, 2013

mini-moon in chicago

Thomas and I were so heartbroken when we had to cancel our honeymoon to Yellowstone. Stupid government shutdown stressing us out a week before our wedding. However, we had such a good time in Chicago. We were only there for three nights, we were such tourist and it was amazing!
**warning this post is a full one, chalked full of tons of photos!

There was not a dull moment on our drive thanks to my family writing all over Rhonda. As soon as we hit the traffic in Chicago we seriously had an entire line of cars honking and waving at us-- it was so funny!


How cool is this wind far in the middle of Indiana?! 

We got into Chicago early evening so we thought it'd be fun to hit up Navy Pier.

And of course ride the Ferris Wheel. :) 

Our first day in Chicago, first things first.. we hit up the aquarium.

[I want to frame this picture, I'm so stinkin proud of it.]

We unsuccessfully took selfies in the sun with the sears tower behind us..

and we wondered around the amazing art institute.

we of course stopped at the bean and were mesmerized by it.

We were actually debating on if we wanted to go or not go up to the top of the Sears Tower, and we're so happy that we did. It was insanely fun and so cool.

The Ledge was ridiculous.

And I'll go ahead and admit it.. I have a problem. I purchased every touristy photo they took of us. Even the awful green screen ones. But this one was by far the coolest.

You can't go to Chicago as tourists and not get pizza! 

We were so tired at this point that we ordered it to go and ate it back at our hotel which was such a brilliant idea. 

And I might have whined a little while we were checking in about our honeymoon getting canceled and that this was our replacement and lucky us, they upgraded our room-- wooo!

When had one rainy day and it kinda put a wrench into our architectural boat tour plan. That was the only thing on our list that we didn't accomplish. But we did camp out inside the Field Museum while it was pouring rain outside.

We hung out with Sue the tyrannosaurus rex.  And other dinosaurs.. 

and we ended up seeing a buffalo after all!

On our last night in town we went up in the John Hancock Observatory and since it was rainy and gross out, we had the place to ourself.

It was fun seeing all the buildings pink for breast cancer awareness month. 

And then we treated ourself to a salted carmel sundae and coffee.

It was such a good time. As we knew it would be. 

Oh! And to top off our touristy trip.. 
we got a tin of Garrett's Popcorn for the car ride home. So yummy!

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  1. I love your new blog and the story about Rhonda. Don't worry, you will alway remember the ownership of your first car. The pics of the honeymoon made me smile.
    Love you Katelyn...You too Thomas