Saturday, November 2, 2013


Halloween was simple and low-key for us this year. I think Thomas and I are finally almost recovered from the wedding-ness. Although our guest bedroom is still FULL of gifts and goodies because I haven't been allowing us to go through them till the thank you notes are done.. but other than that we finally feel like thinks are slowing down from the mad dash the few months before the wedding.
So when Paul and Lara invited us over for dinner on Halloween and how could we say no? 

I went for cute, miss Rosie and Riveter and Thomas went super creepy as a plague doctor.. 

good thing I still love him despite that creepy mask that now lives in our apartment.. 

As for Paul and Lara they had a adorable couples costume, Lara as the Death Start and Paul as a Tie Fighter. They turned out so good! And I love the use of Lara's bump for the Death Star costume. 

The pups got in on the halloween action too-- although they were not amused with the pink ears that Lara made for both of them, however we were.. 

We had so much fun. 
And now it's just a waiting game on when their little lady will make her big debut! 

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