Thursday, February 23, 2012


Thomas and I had a slight craving for cupcakes.. however it became prevalent early on that neither of us understand portion control. well.. originally we were just going to bake up 6 and trash the batter (shame on me for being so wasteful!!). Fortunately Thomas had the common sense to bring up the idea of taking them to work, so some lucky co-workers benefited as well! And just like that we had 50 cupcakes to frost. ;)

Thomas went for the yellow cake and chocolate icing, I picked out funfetti--minus frosting, however I did have fun frosting them bright pick for my co-workers.

 Honestly I think the thing that took the most time was deciding on which of my cupcake liners to use! 

they didn't last long. 

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  1. Where on earth did you get those cute cupcake liners? So cute! ;)