Monday, July 1, 2013

what's canoe with you?!

We went canoeing on Saturday!! It was so hot, but so much fun. Thomas though I was crazy for bringing my phone, and once we got out their in the deeeeeeep river water (seriously I don't know where the bottom was-- it freaked me out), I kinda agreed with him and figured that my ziplock bag was laughable and seriously wasn't going to cut it if we tipped the canoe. THANKFULLY that didn't happen.
I told myself that I wanted my phone incase we got lost in the wilderness of middle Tennessee and we might need it for an emergency, but the real reason I wanted it was for pictures of course!

We risked it and brought Tuon along with us too! Tuon's not the most adventurous dog.. she's super cautious. So I was a bit skeptical how she was going to do on the canoe. Thankfully she did great. She was not amused when I tried to cool her off and poured river water all over her, but after about 10mins in she changed her tune was more that happy to be drenched by a cups full of river water. The only minor nervous moment she had was with a pile of leaves casually floating along the river. She stared those bad boys down! And when Thomas and I rowed over to them I grabbed the big stick of leaves out of the river and she about climbed up Thomas in fear. We laughed so hard. She overcame her fear after that. No one likes to be laughed at. :)

All in all it was a pretty good Saturday. 

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