Thursday, June 6, 2013

and so it begins..

I'm making our wedding invitations. Yup, you heard me, the entire set. A part of me loves that I'm doing this, and then another part of me thinks I'm just plain crazy. I had a hard time finding invitations that I loved, well scratch that-- I had no problem at all finding wedding invites that I loved but ones within my budget? ahhh no such luck.
So my mama was the one to bring up the idea of actually designing and making our own. I'm not going to lie I was completely unsure of it but as soon as I started messing around with ideas on my computer it became prevalent that this was the route we were going to go. I'm so happy with them! They've currently lived on my computer the past few months, so starting to print them is super exciting. And I've only wanted to throw the printer across the room once!!
Hooray to that! 

I don't want to spill the bean just yet on everything I've worked on, but once we have them all stamped and mailed I think I'll write up a real post full of pictures of these babies. 
I'm quite proud of them. :) 

ahhhh!! only four months to go!! 

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