Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween is so much fun, and I really miss living in an actual neighborhood with actual trick-or-treaters. Apparently it's a common rule that if you have small children and live in an apartment complex you must find friends who live in a neighborhood and trick-or-treat with them and their children. Not a single trick-or-treater last night.. but that didn't stop me from buying a GOOD bag (we're talking twix and resee's pumpkins-kind-of-good-bag) of candy for my hopefully trick-or-treaters.  Ahh tis a shame Thomas and I will have to consume the entire bag ourselves. so. sad. (and excuse me while I go find my running shoes.. )

Luckily I can still carve a pumpkin right?!

Well to be honest, I really do it for these bad boys..

Thomas on the other hand takes pumpkin carving seriously. As evident by this year.. and last year, there's thought and strategy involved and I love it. Even if he did make a mess of my kitchen.. ;)

But honestly just look at how simple minded (and overly happy) my pumpkin is in comparison... hence why mine is in the coveted first photo spot for this post.. I knew I'd be out shined! But again, I remind you.. I do this for the seeds. ;)

Seriously? If that's not proof of some killer pumpkin carving skills and patience, here's his pumpkin from last year..

Skills I tell you. 

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