Sunday, October 28, 2012


October is such a fun month! I love the fall so much and I feel like it's one of those seasons that goes by sooo fast. This weekend Thomas and I went to our friends house for a costume party and it was so much fun!

Thomas made a killer Bob Ross and I dressed up as Carmen Sandiego.. I love those costumes that turn out so well and are real clothes instead of a full on costume. And I'm not going to lie Thomas rocked the fro pretty well.. a few people at the party actually thought that was his real hair, ha!

I made cupcakes that I had seen a link to on pinterest a while back.. mine didn't turn out quite like theirs, but I knew going into it that I would have a hard time getting that halloween orange color since I failed to find a premix orange frosting at Kroger.

all in all it was a fun night! Filled with a bonfire and of course lots of sweets.

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