Friday, November 16, 2012

fall, how I love you.

A couple weekends ago Thomas and I spent the weekend at his parents house out in the middle of nowhere tennessee. It's a strange thing not having cell phone service.. but also kind of nice. :) We had a good time, filled with some good home cooked meals and some manly entertainment which included shooting bow and arrows.. :) 

and yes, I did feel like Katniss, 
and yes I'm adding "shooting a bow and arrow" to my bucket list 
just so I can check it off... CHECK! 

Thomas' mama and I spent the afternoon, not shooting bows but instead by looking through catalogs and talking wedding stuff up on the porch.. and I snapped pictures. 

I should also mention that I can check off riding a three wheeler off my bucket list as well.. Thomas' brother and dad found it hysterical that they could hear me screaming from across the field the entire time.. 


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