Tuesday, April 1, 2014

twenty seven.

I pretty much claimed this entire weekend as my birthday celebration. I didn't plan it-- but it just happened like that. And quite frankly I'm perfectly okay with it!
Saturday Lara and I drove up to go see that cute little nephew of mine-- and my adorable sisters-in laws made a cake for me to celebrate my birthday a day early. I laughed so hard when Jenny pulled out the only candles she had.. age doesn't matter, right?! haha!

Apparently in teaching her second graders they celebrated the 100th day of school. It was quite a mystery to all of us as to why she had 100 candles.

They were a little top heavy on my slice of cake but I loved it nonetheless. 
Also just look at these cute mama's!! 

And their cute kiddos! 


After our visit with the Hollars' family and Cindy, Lara Liliana and I drove back to Murfreesboro and the Dudley's threw me an early birthday dinner. Filled with one of my favorite things.. artichokes!!! 

I seriously ate them that fast too. ;) 
There were other grilled goodies too, but these were clearly the star. 

Lara also made me an apple crisp hot out of the ovenwith a dollop of vanilla ice cream. 
It was heavenly. 

As always with the Dudley's, we had such a good night. 

On Sunday, my actual birthday, Thomas took me out for breakfast and then as if we didn't hang out with the Dudley's enough we met up with them for some bowling!! 

I love bowling, I also LOVE this picture: 

When Thomas and I got home after bowling he told me of his plans to make me a birthday cake. However thanks to the previous day we had 1/2 a pie and a good chunk of cake thanks to the Dudley's and his sisters! So I asked him to not make me more baked goods, but I wouldn't say not to a trip to Dairy Queen. Which I think was a perfect end, to a perfect Birthday weekend. :) 

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