Wednesday, April 9, 2014

my new baby!

I bought a new camera! And I'm SO in love!! I've been thinking about upgrading my camera for a bit and I've been researching what would be a good next step for me. However, on a whim last week I got on craigslist, just to look and my jaw dropped. Posted was not the camera I was looking at upgrading to but the next level of DSLRs-- she was the mac daddy camera of cameras AND within my budget price range.
I freaked. And ran to Thomas. 

Four hours later and a thirty minute drive to Manchester, I grilled a guy about his camera and stood in the parking lot of a Waffle House taking pictures and inspecting every INCH of this camera. Needless to say I took her home with me, and I negotiated the beautiful 50mm lens into my asking price too. 
It was a good day! And Pep-- I got a really good deal. :) 
It all happened so fast! Of course I killed the battery on the way home from Manchester so once we got home I felt like a impatient little kid as I waited for the battery to charge. 

The next day after work is when the fun started.. fun, as in me throwing things onto my window sill to take pictures in the last minutes of day light. 

It's the worst picture in the world, but my brother REQUIRED a picture of my new bundle of joy.
Here's my new baby, the night I got her. 


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