Sunday, October 12, 2014

one year.

We've been married for one full year! Three hundred and sixty five days. Or as my husband (of one year!!) would tell you, 1 trip around the sun together! :)
Did you know paper is the traditional first year wedding gift?! Weeks before our actual anniversary we were talking about trying to do a paper gift for one another, I was having next to no success (lotto tickets? I hit the jackpot marrying you?! ... too cheesy). However, Thomas had a great idea but needed help executing it. So that is exactly what we did on our anniversary.  :)

I love this-- SO much!! It turned out so well. :) 
I think my favorite part of it is that our poster of the sun is actually one of those motivational posters. We cracked up when we purchased the biggest SUCCESS motivational poster we could find so we could cut it down. It turned out so well and I'm so happy to have this fun piece of art to remember our one year anniversary.

Another tradition I wanted to start is that I want us to take a picture every year of us sitting on our living room couch. I think it will be so great to have these as little time capsules and memories of our years together. We started it this year and I so love this little tradition already!

It was a great day. 

Oh, and I got roses too :) 


  1. I can't even put into words how much I love the taking a picture every year on your anniversary! Makes me want to go back in time and do the same thing! xo