Monday, November 3, 2014

365 | Week 6

I've realized that I want to also start adding captions to my photos. So for this week (and the weeks to follow) that's what I'm going to do! I'm really loving the 365-- I've had some days where I feel like my photo is a total dud, but then I have days where I take a picture and I'm so in love with it and that completely makes up for the uninspired days. That's exactly what happened this week. Day 37 I really did care to take a picture and forced myself to shoot something and I'm not crazy with what I took-- but that's okay! I still took a picture!  And then two days later I took my favorite picture so far! I'm soooo in love with that shot and proud of it! I'm going to frame it. 

36 | 365
because it's october and you have to have a picture of a pumpkin! 

37 | 365
totally uninspired, but the rain today helped make an interesting photo.

38 | 365
this was from a photo session I did and it was too pretty and I was so happy with it that I had to include it in my 365 :) 

39 | 365
I really, reallllly love this one. 

40 | 365
a happy halloween indeed!! from this queen bee and her bee keeper! 

41 | 365
this guy. he has my heart. 

42 | 365
sometimes turning 1 can be very traumatic.. lucky we got some good ones too :) but this one still just cracks me up. 

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