Thursday, August 29, 2013

surprise! you get a pedicure! oh yea and a bridal shower too!

I feel like my parents just luck out with fantastic neighbors. Thomas and I were planning on coming home to Ohio for a weekend to get some stuff in order for the wedding. I had a dress fitting on Saturday and I had scheduled about a million other things for Saturday too. Hair, Photographer, DJ, I was determined to check quite a bit off my list. When I informed my wonderful mama of the completely full Saturday she then told me, every so sweetly.. umm no.. cancel a lot of that please. 

I’m not going to lie. I was less than amused during that phone call. But with some talking and a bit of reassurance from my mama, I canceled some items and knew that something was happening from 12-3 that I was not suppose to know about. Here’s where the fantastic neighbors step in. They threw me a surprise bridal shower that started with a pedicure and ended with lunch and presents at Brios. So sweet and so unexpected! 

I'm just so happy I have these lovely ladies in my life. 

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