Wednesday, May 2, 2012

birthday presents

my boyfriend is a nerd, but he's my nerd. So when I asked him back in April if there was anything fun he wanted for his birthday. He responded pretty fast that he was eyeing a particular graphic's card for his computer.. a-what now? a graphics card.
oh great that sounds like something fun and something I'd totally have fun picking out and buying. I laughed it off thinking he'd give me some real gift ideas only to be sadly mistaken.
So a graphic's card it was... and to make me feel even more like I was giving the most unthoughtful boring gift I could give, he had to send me a specific link to the actual graphic card. One click and it was in my cart ready for my credit card number. Lame. 
Needless to say, I was not excited about giving this gift.. until.. 

Enter scavenger hunt. 

I may have had tooo much fun with this idea, but the good news is that Thomas loved it. His birthday present contained nothing but a note stating my feelings about this gift, his first clue and of course a heavy book to trick him that I wasn't just giving him an empty box. I ended up having 20 hidden clues total, which ended up being a perfect amount. After about the 5th clue Thomas kept thinking "okay, this next one's gotta be it? right?" After about the 15th clue, (not to mention a trip to the apartment complex mailboxs to fetch yet another clue-- it only made sense to hide his birthday card as well!?) he just started laughing at every new hint. I kept them super simple, mainly just wanting him to run around everywhere. In the end it was quite a success. :)

Stupid with excitement, I forgot to take a picture of the pretty wrapped present, but here's what he found inside..

I had this boy running all over.. clues taped to the juice in the fridge, the bathroom trash can. One clue simply said, "In a galaxy far far away" leading him to find his next clue in the DVD.


He thought for sure his gift would be here in the trunk of my car.. nope, still had about six more clues to go! ..and this was after I made him run out to the mailboxes.

twenty glorious clues leading thomas all over the place before finding his shiny new 
graphics card inside the crock pot. 


Happy May :) 

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