Monday, March 12, 2012

I found snow!

Upon arriving in Denver I finally saw the most snow I've seen all year..
gross right?

thankfully the weathermen pulled through and their predictions of flurries didn't fail me!
ahhh glorious snow!!  

Of course it was all gone by morning, but I didn't care! I had a solid twenty minutes of flurries and was perfectly content oooo-ing and ahhh-ing and snapping away with my camera from the hotel window. 
I had fun playing with my camera settings. I'm still trying to do my best in figuring out shutter speed, aperture and ISO setting (I soo want it to be second nature already!) but I feel like I learn the most when I take the same picture multiple times with adjusting different settings so that I can actually see the differences in my pictures, like these two.
This one with f/4.5 and a exposure time of 1/6 which allowed me to have more light, but it blurred out all the snow..

Or the faster shutter speed (1/30) with the same f/4.5 getting less light, but snow no longer looks blizzard-like.
I think this one is my current favorite because I really like how the light plays off the tree. 

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