Monday, March 19, 2012


Anyone who knows me knows that I'm one of the least gracefully people on the planet. My mama doesn't call me Gracie for nothing. Pebble? Crack in the sidewalk? Unexpected step? None of that even slightly matters, I trip over flat surfaces constantly. Luckily being out of college and no longer walking the 15min walk to and from class this trait of mine isn't as widely known. My point? I bought these baby's on clearance over a month ago for a steal!

However they're not so much of a deal if they just sit in my closet. I had the intention of actually wearing them and conquering my flaws? More like fear, and to wear them out or at least to work for start. How much walking can one girl do sitting at a desk all day?

So here it is, my goal for the week.. to gracefully wear these heels and not fall flat on my face or regret the massive blisters that are bound to insue. :)

here we go.

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