Saturday, December 28, 2013

one christmas, three trees.


What a week! I always hate leaving family after such a fun time with everyone, but at Christmas it's a little more bearable when we get home since it becomes Christmas all over when we unpack all our goodies! I of course tend to get wayyyy sidetracked and my house turns into piles and pile of unpacked things that need to be put away. Seriously I think a bomb has gone off in this apartment. It's a disaster.
This year we spent Christmas with my folks, but we were able to go and see Thomas' family over the weekend and have a little mini Christmas with all of them as well.

At the end of the night a crazy storm powered through the area killing all of the power and forced us all into the basement for a bit-- which is where we found the menorah, perfect since we were in need of some candle light once we made it back upstairs. I only panicked for 20mins. Stupid wind.

We ended up having a great time with my in-laws, we ate way too much food, played yahtezz and watched, It's A Wonderful Life. Oh and there were presents too.

Thomas and I got to add another pin to our map since we celebrated Christmas with my family in Columbus, Indiana! My mama and dad are still house hunting so this Christmas was spent in a tiny one-bedroom apartment with 5 adults and 3 dogs. It was nice and cozy, to say the least.

Our first night out on the town in Columbus Indiana we armed ourselves against the tiny one bedroom apartment with Yahtezz (since it was such a hit at the Harris') dominos and we purchased a puzzle. Which Thomas had a hard time steping away from.. ha.

We had such a good time. And It's amazing how all the wrapping paper on Christmas morning completely filled the apartment!

I mean how can you not have a good Christmas when you're with the ones you love, have yummy food, my mama's Christmas cookies, and matching PJs

We rocked it. 

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