Thursday, October 3, 2013

wedding showers galore!

I can't even believe how many wedding and bridal showers we've had. I seriously can't get over how much love and gratitude Thomas and I have felt leading up to this wedding. It's just unreal. September was such a blur, I think we had only one weekend where we didn't have anything planned and we both ended up having to work over the weekend. But! I wanted to make sure I posted these wedding and bridal shower photos since we're only one week away!!

Thomas' family threw me such a cute bridal shower. I even had my own wedding dress cupcake cake!

How cute is that? 

my mama and dad came down for the weekend as well and it was so fun having them meet all of Thomas' family too. :) 

We seriously got so much stuff.. here's Thomas and I will our haul from the shower before loading up the car..

The following weekend Thomas' parents church threw us a shower as well! We went up and stayed the weekend with his folks and had such a good and relaxing time with them. 

It was so sweet to see how much thought and detail the ladies of the church put in to our decorations. Thomas and I were both so touched. My favorite was this K and T that they made with maps: 


Not only are they maps which I love, but they made sure to get out birth places for each. They stuck a map pin in Denver for me and Nashville for Thomas. 
I just love them and  I can't wait to find a spot to hang these up in our apartment. 
so sweet! 

The hearts on the wall were made from maps as well, and they also came up with this cute and clever guest book for us, another thing I'm so excited to hang up in the apartment

It was such a great time. I was so touched by all the people who came to celebrate us. Thomas and I both left feeling so loved and just down right grateful! 

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