Wednesday, July 11, 2012

it's alive!

Finally. We have intentional living things in the fish tank! These babies are ten time more exciting than the rock and slugs that mezmorized us for a couple weeks (and now please excuse me while I come to the disturbing realization that I actually have slugs living with me. Lovely).
I'm not going to lie. I was getting a little impatient with the fish tank. However, to fill that void I was psyched to find this Disney Pixar gem among the DVDs. 

Such a good movie. 

As excited as I was to actually get some living things in the fish tank I was disappointed that we couldn't purchase up the clown fish I've been eyeing. So more waiting till our water is up to snuff.

But! Back to what we were actually able to bring home!  The tank is now home to two yellow tail damsels (yay fish!) and our "cleaning crew," which consists of three turbo snails (where one has lately been enjoying the view from our glass cleaner magnet),

and twenty hermit crabs, or as we're calling them: the minions.

Here are the pretty (yet tiny!) damsels in action.

We're still working on names but nothing sticks other than, The Damsels.

And our last little addition to the tank, an emerald crab!

Allow me to introduce Lord Harold Crabbington-The First. I don't even know the round about way we came up with that name, but Thomas cracked me up with his rant of "Lord Harold Crabbington! First of his kind! Eater of algae and patiently awaiting the arrival of Lady Penelope."

It's safe to say this guys our favorite. 
And an eating machine! 

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