Monday, June 25, 2012

a swim with the fishies.

Snorkeling was something I knew that I wanted to do, but at the same time I was slightly terrified.
We knew that these disposal underwater camera's weren't going to yield the sharp pretty pictures of my canon, but at the same time I wanted to document the event and left my big girl camera safely on land seven miles back. Let me type that again, seven miles. Seven. Now I don't like it when I can't touch the bottom when the waves crash on you at the beach.. and now we're seven miles out.

Just a 45min boat ride... out to sea.. to swim with fish.  
But we did it and lived to tell the tale, and I'm so frickin proud of myself! 

mama overcame her fear of Jaws.. here she is in the MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN: 

See, at this point, nothing grabbed her by the ankles and dragged her to the 
depths of the ocean.. thank goodness. 

 Thomas on the other hand was in his element. 
That diving fool. 

 Such a good one of miss mollie :) Cullen get's all the credit for this photo. 

See, clearly this is me and Thomas.. ha, and I am in fact snorkeling along the reef. 

 And I'm so happy that my dad took these from the boat because I'm quite proud of myself and I now have proof that I did it.  

 what a successful day. 

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  1. It was the JELLY FISH that had me go a little koo koo this time! Just look at my poor face! You can tell a whole lotta talking to myself was going on! :)
    Great Post! Love ya!